About Us

Urila Stud is located at Merricks on the scenic Mornington Peninsula, south of Melbourne in Victoria.

Starting with Good Genetics

Urila Wilhelmena and daughter Urila Madame A

We started breeding this high performance breed, Australian Lowlines, in 1999 with two breed foundation cows, one a Trangie (J203) the other a Glen Innes (N361) line. This blend of types has resulted in a herd which is said to reflect the original characteristics of the breed. Their daughters, Urila Wilhelmena and Urila Weldon, were the cornerstones of our breeding programme.

Pictured right: Urila Claudius and Monsieur Bean

Our genetics base includes a selection of fine Australian Lowline genetics: ARD Richmond, EPS Topshot, EPS Sam, BLD Randy, CPS Tannhauser, MCC Zage, MCC Artusi  contributing to such fine Urila cattle as Vegan, Yass, Monsieur Bean, Claudius, Emperor, Hercules, Weldon, Zenna, Madame A, Delight, Duchess, Eliza, Fleur, Genevieve, Hilaire and Heidi.

Establishing our stud operation was the collaboration of an Aerospace Engineer and a Librarian. Our advice, if you have the choice, is to take time before finalising paddock configuration, laneways, cattle yards and crush and weight scales - preferably under cover. Vets will love you!.

Breeding Management 

From the early stages we have participated in carcase competitions (pictured left) to identify where we needed to improve the quality of our product for the meat market. Analysis of judging comments identified if adjustments in feed management or genetic selection were necessary.  Our experiences have been encouraging.

Targeting the requirements of beef and dairy breeders for larger framed Lowline bulls to improve calving of maiden heifers has been one of our objectives. We have successfully met these requirements with a line of bulls in the 650-750 kg range.

We have always valued feedback and talking to the abattoirs, butchers and chefs we supply has given us valuable insight that we have in-turn applied to our breeding and pasture management.

Showing has been a great means of promoting and comparing our cattle. We are always touched by the support given by fellow exhibitors and their genuine congratulations when ribbons are won. Garnering Junior Champion Bull at our first Royal was most encouraging. 

But more than anything we believe our concern for the good welfare, humane treatment and great affection for our herd is reflected in the health, demeanour and easy to handle characteristics of our animals.